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Books for Lesotho Inc.

Books for Lesotho Inc.

$11,941 raised of $17,183 goal
$11,941 raised of $17,183 goal

The Kingdom of Lesotho is an African nation with a population of 1.2m people.  It is amongst the poorest nations of the world.  Its future is dependent, in part, on improving the level of education for their children, and one important facet of their education is developing their literacy. Local teachers advise that a school library enhances every part of a students school life.

What do we do?

Books for Lesotho Inc. shares a vision with our two partners in Lesotho for every school in Lesotho to have a library so that students have the opportunity to develop their literacy and language skills for pleasure and learning. We also support development of libraries in institutions and communities.

Each year, Books for Lesotho sends books to its partners in Lesotho - the Transformation Resource Centre (TRC) and Rotary Club of Maloti (RCoMa). TRC distributes the books to schools, institutions and communiities.  It also monitors the ways in which schools use the books and that the books are being well used.  While TRC concentrates efforts on school and relevant stitions, RCoMa is more focussed on community development and so, typically, erects a structure suitbke for a librry before fiiting it out with shelves, tables and chairs, and then books.

Between 2007 and late 2021, over 212,000 books and reading aids have been shipped to Lesotho and distributed to more than 100 schools, child/youth focussed organisations and communities.

More information about Books for Lesotho can be found at

How can YOU help?

By donating:

  • money to cover the shipping costs from Australia to Lesotho (it costs about 50c/book for transport from Australia to Lesotho)
  • fiction and non-fiction books that are in good condition and suitable for pre-school and primary and high school students
  • time and effort to help pack the books ready for shipping

We do not able to accept text books or encyclopaedia sets.

Enquiries about donating books or time and effort can be made through our website:

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