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The Charitable Foundation for Books in Homes Australia

Books in Homes Fundraising Appeal

$73,230 raised of $100,000 goal
$73,230 raised of $100,000 goal

Books in Homes Australia is a charitable foundation that provides books-of-choice to children living in remote, disadvantaged and low socio-economic circumstances, ensuring crucial early literacy engagement and the development of reading skills needed for lifelong achievement. Our program aims to overcome the inequality of educational opportunities in communities where access to books for families is limited or non-existent and resources are often scarce. In doing so, our program contributes to helping overcome generational poverty by enhancing the chances of success in early education thereby opening up options, choices and potential in later life. Since 2001, Books in Homes has distributed over 2.5 million new books to children through schools and communities around Australia.

Books in Homes Australia was founded on the realisation that failure in adult life often stems from childhoods spent in homes without books. Children who cannot read, become adults who cannot communicate and this is unacceptable in a world that operates on the written word. Everything we do in life embraces the ability to read and write. Just imagine a life not being able to read street signs, or not being able to use email, or not being able to read medicine and food labels, or be employable!!!

How will the funds be used?

You can donate as little as $2 and upwards. Here are some examples of how your funds can be used:

  • 1 x Book Bag – $2
  • 1 x Book – $7
  • 1 x Primary School Child per term – $28
  • 1 x Primary School Child per year – $82

Books in Homes strives to include deserving schools on our Programs.

A primary school of 12 children for instance can be covered for a whole year, including 3 terms, for as little as $984, where:

Each child in the primary school receives each of the three (3) terms:
3 x new Books-of-Choice with personalised book labels;
1 x personalised sturdy and waterproof book bag; and
1 x Book Catalogue with the opportunity to enter a competition to win more books.

Each participating primary school receives each of the three (3) terms:
A Preview Pack of all 48 books-of-choice available for selection (that's 144 books that are donated to the school library every year!).
Additional Caught Being Good Books and Certificates to use as rewards for deserving children through the year.

80% of all funds raised are dedicated to the purchase of books and materials for the children and organisations in our Programs. The remaining 20% of funds raised are used to cover the administration costs of our Programs in the pursuit of our goals.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

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