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Branch Nebula

Help more communities soar!

When you support Branch Nebula you are getting involved with our strategy to reach a group of young people that sit in a an age bracket that is very difficult to reach. We aim to engage them in art that validates them, on their own turf, and helps them develop skills and interests that they might already have or are keen on.

We tour across regional Australia, capital cities and overseas doing street style performances in skate parks. We work with young people on their own turf, helping them develop skills and interests that they might already have or are keen on.

Our projects contribute to the health and well-being of communities, and provide opportunities for socially disadvantaged youth.

Our work has a focus on inclusion, learning and bringing people together.

Being involved in Snake Sessions challenged me in lots of ways – but by the end of the week, having worked with the crew and then seeing so many people, families – young and old – at our skate park for the show really changed my perceptions and ideas about how we (as skaters) can engage with the community and liven up the space.
Participant, John in Bordertown, SA

We work with youth at risk, people from low socio-economic backgrounds, and the wider public through engaging participants in physical activities and demonstrating professional pathways.

You guys should know how much of an impact you had on my boys and the skatepark. Thank you for an amazing experience, it was awesome! I hope you all keep inspiring kids and give more and more of them a chance to express themselves and be free - the world needs more people like you guys.
–Parent of Frankie in Whyalla, SA


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