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Over the past twelve months, Breakthrough has been working to help change the climate story. Our contributors and writers have drawn upon peer-reviewed science to analyse and communicate high-end climate risk and provide strategies for safe climate pathways.


> Produced a series of major reports and publications

> Generated extensive international and national media coverage

> Supported the emerging climate emergency government response

> Presented at key forums and conferences

> Advocated policy positions to government & industry

> Commenced production of a new documentary series

> Published the work of international and national thought leaders

> Established a student internship program for research and communications

As we plan ahead for yet another critical decade, Breakthrough has defined four new strategic priorities that will shape our work moving forward.


1. Build recognition of the full implications of climate-related threats & risks

2. Trigger commitment to maximum protection for all people & species

3. Generate support for a full scale & speed economic & social transition

4. Form connections across the political spectrum for a widespread response

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