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The aim of BridgIT Water Foundation is to better the lives of people in developing rural communities without access to safe drinking water.

Providing a safe water supply to a rural village saves lives.

Contaminated drinking water, poor living conditions and inadequate hygiene remains one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in rural areas worldwide with millions of preventable deaths per year attributed to water-borne diseases such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea.  The link between access to safe drinking water and the overall health status of people is undeniable.

BridgIT Water's aid and development objective is to implement programs that provide a safe drinking water supply to address the water scarcity challenges of some of the poorest, most marginalised people in rural areas in developing nations.

Our development programs are achieved by delivering suitable water solutions that are accessible within each rural community and sustainable through partner and community focus strategies.

How We Work

Our program activities have major impact on development in rural areas by making the water resource accessible to people.  Therefore our goal is to install the water supply in a central location within each rural vlilage or facility such as a rural school or health centre to alleviate people searching long distances for contaminated water.

BridgIT Water receives many worthwhile water project requests every year. In an aim to help as many global communities receive safe, secure water systems as possible, we have launched an amazing initiative called 200 Communities by 2020.

This initiative hopes to engage corporates and individuals to sponsor one of these global communities to provide them with a source of clean, safe water. The business or individual can adopt the community and monitor results of their funds outlay. BridgIT will coordinate visiting their community or even participating in the water project if desired.

How Will Your Funds Be Used

BridgIT Water has completed many project from water source to household, from Nepal to Tanzania, providing rural villages with guaranteed drinking water through water distribution systems.

For as little as US$1,800 (or as little as forgoing a daily latte from your favourite coffee shop for 12 months) you can provide new hope for a better tomorrow for an entire village.

Either funds or donations of water project equipment would also be greatly appreciated and accepted:

Water Storage; Water Harvesting; Pumping Equipment; Power Generation; Water Transfer and other equipment.

All equipment for our projects is purchased within the destination country to support the local economies.

Be a "Philanthropic Tourist" and be part of our amazing new initiative called 200 Communities by 2020 and sponsor one of these communities and make a difference to the lives of many people.

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