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Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre

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Since 1989 the Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre has provided a tranquil setting for people to practice Buddhist meditation under the guidance of monks, nuns and lay teachers from around the world.

Over the years since then, the Centre has flourished and grown thanks to the generous support of many people. It is our hope that those of you who value what the Centre offers will continue this tradition of support. By doing so, you will help this beautiful place of practice to continue its support of the students, volunteers and teachers who come here.

One important way of supporting the Centre is by donating to our building fund.

Why we need donations

To help our courses remain affordable and accessible to everyone the course fees only cover the maintenance and running costs of the Centre. For ongoing improvements and renovations to its buildings, the Centre relies on the generosity of donors and volunteers

How donations will be used?

All donations made through this site will be used to fund the Centre's Building Program.

Foremost in our building program are plans to improve the accommodation for our staff. Plans for this work have been approved by council and involve the construction of a new building with two self-contained units. The building will allow us to provide resident staff with proper accommodation, improving on the current makeshift arrangements. Existing staff dwellings will be repurposed to accommodate an additional yogis on our retreats. 

For more details about our plans and past projects refer to our website:

$42,566 raised so far

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Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.