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Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty Pile Rehabilitation


In March and April 2015 the City of Busselton commenced a maintenance program to prevent the progression of the molluscan wood borer Teredo sp. from burrowing into submerged timber piles beneath Busselton Jetty. The burrowing activity eventually weakens the structural integrity of the piles. Many timber piles were treated with a denso wrap system involving scraping off sessile marine invertebrates, adhering a grease layer to the exposed wood and then covering the greased pile with layers of PVC wrap and finally an outer meshed layer.

Due to the ecological diversity and importance of the marine environment beneath the end of Busselton Jetty, where the most established communities lived, this method caused some controversy amongst scientists, divers and tourism operators - as the area was cleared of fragile marine organisms which provide a unique marine habitat. The opportunity was taken by our Marine Scientist Sophie Teede  to investigate the colonisation of the PVC material and the ability of sponges and soft corals to regrow after being disturbed from their substrate. The twelve month investigation proved successful and so a larger community based project is now proposed.

You can help to regenerate sponges and soft corals beneath Busselton Jetty by donating to this project where funds will be used to purchase equipment needed for the regeneration project to take place. There are over 1600 piles beneath the 1.84km structure, many of which would benefit from being rehabilitated to ensure the health and diversity of the marine ecosystem beneath the iconic jetty.

This project relates to Busselton Jetty's marine ecosystem objective of

"Protecting and preserving the natural environment in the vicinity of the Busselton and the wider environs of Geographe Bay"

by directly attempting to preserve, by rehabilitation, the marine environment beneath Busselton Jetty.

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