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Canberra Blind Society Inc.

Provision of Blindness Services

$2,113 raised so far

$2,113 raised so far

Support The Canberra Blind Society, the ACT's local organisation providing services to people who are blind or have low vision.  The Canberra Blind Society (CBS) began as a voluntary association in 1958 to provide Braille transcription and other support services to blind school children in the Canberra region. From these small beginnings, CBS has grown to an organisation providing a wide range of rehabilitation and support services to people in the ACT of all ages, who are blind or have low vision.

They include:

  • A comprehensive Outreach service providing information, advice and referrals, as well as ongoing support services to clients with continuing needs;
  • Daily living skills training for people learning to cope with loss of vision;
  • The teaching of Braille and Braille transcription service; and
  • The provision of recreational activities and peer support groups.  Continuing growth in the Canberra region and an increase in the incidence of macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes and other related eye conditions resulting from an aging population, have placed new challenges to our organisation in recent years.

Loss of vision causes a natural response of grief where, without proper counselling or ongoing support, the person may become dependent or house bound. We at CBS believe that with proper training and support, these people can maintain their independence within the community.

The services we provide help clients of the Society to gain confidence, renew old skills and learn new ways to manage the effects of blindness, as well as to establish networks of friends and acquaintances both in the blindness field and in the community.  The bulk of CBS's income for these services comes from our own fundraising activities and private donations, without whose help, we could not provide the level of services we currently provide.

Your contribution will assist us in maintaining our current services and respond to the changing needs of our many clients. We thank you for your generous donation. 

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