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CAPDA Overseas Aid Fund

Community Action for People with Disabilities in Africa


Disability breeds poverty, and poverty breeds disability. Born into this vicious circle, children with disabilities in developing countries are among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the world.

What we do:

  • build the capacity of disability service-providers in the Kilimanjaro region through training and education,
  • give access to much-needed medical and therapeutic care,
  • stop the development of preventable disabilities by providing early monitoring, equipment and treatment,
  • provide mobility aids for children with physical disabilities,
  • offer vocational training opportunities for young people with disabilities to help them break the cycle of poverty.
  • It is most often women (as mothers, family members, carers and health workers) who carry responsibility for children with disabilities, and do so without adequate resources, support and knowledge.

In order to bring about sustainable improvements to the lives of children with disabilities, we work to to equip the local community and disability service providers with the skills and tools to meet the challenges they face with minimal outside assistance.

What can you do to help?

  • $10 provides a set of locally made splints,
  • $80 buys a locally made walker,
  • $120 will refit and refurbish a wheelchair that has been outgrown, so that it can be reused by another child,
  • $300 provides a sturdy, locally made wheelchair, perfect for off-road conditions,
  • $1,200 provides a week-long, live-in, intensive therapy workshop for 25 children with disabilities and their carers. These weeks focus on the child's needs, and give the opportunity for carers to learn how best to support their child's development. Weeks of Intensive Therapy include intensive occupational and physical therapy, equipment review, food, access to doctors, support for carers, and tests for anaemia and malaria, with intervention in emergency cases

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