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At some point, most of us will either be a carer or will need a carer. Caring can be a rewarding role, but it can also be exhausting, stressful, socially isolating and financially crippling.

Sometimes a few practical and emotional supports can be an absolute lifeline and turn a tough day into a good day.

Your support will allow us to bring carers more 'good days'. 


How Your Donation Helps Carers

Together, we can help make carers' lives easier by helping them with:

  • information and advice to work out the complex health systems.
  • breaks from caring.
  • counselling to get back on track.
  • support groups to share ideas, stories, experience and hope.
  • educational workshops to improve their skills and knowledge about caring.
  • social and therapeutic activities to improve their own wellbeing.
  • support to speak up for themselves and their rights.


Donation Options

If you would like to support carers in general, please click on one of the dollar amounts above in purple block.

if you would like to support young carers specifically, please click here:


What Carers Say

"I can't begin to express what your help means to my mother and me. My mother's health is a burden but your help has really lightened the load. For that especially, I thank you." 

"You're the only organisation who always assists my family - and can do it immediately."

"You lowered my anxiety levels with the kindness and advice you gave." 

"The support group is my little piece of sanity fo the month and my lifeline. It's helped me feel more alive than I have in many years."

"The Shaw Scholarship has been life-changing because it's allowed me to follow my dreams of working in the disability sector."

"Having someone who will actually listen, empathise, believe, understand and support me is deeply important to my mental wellbeing."

"I really wish I'd found Carers ACT sooner. They've helped me to find myself again and to work out how to put self-care back into my week. I feel like a different person."

"The Disability Program has enriched Mark's life. He always comes home at the end of the day with positive stories and it gives me peace of mind knowing the Program is fulfilling his goals and needs."

"I couldn't believe that with only a few counselling sessions at Carers ACT I've managed to turn my life around. I now have a greater understanding of Mum, myself and my caring role. I finally feel like I'm in control again!"

"Deakin Cottage has been a lifesaver! Mum loves her weekly visits and it gives me time to re-connect with my children and give them the attention they deserved and were missing. I can do family things again."


Other Ways to Support Carers


  1. Sponsor an activity that improves a carer's wellbeing.
  2. Support young carers to finish high school by assisting with tutoring.
  3. Offer your community space to host a carer activitiy.
  4. Offer discounted services to carers (eg. massages, haircuts,  beauty treatments, nails, gym passes, wellbeing tutors)
  5. Sponsor or offer a discounted service to our disability day program participants (eg personal training, music tuition, art lessons, dance tuition, cooking lessons).
  6. Offer handyman or gardening assistance at our 'home away from home' dementia and ageing cottage in Deakin.
  7. Organise a crowdraiser through our Give Now site (anyone can set up a page to direct fundraising donations to Carers ACT).

To discuss these donation options please call us on 02 6296 9900


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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.