Carinya Society

Carinya Society

Carinya Society is an integral component of the Primary Health and Community Support Services in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Carinya provides adult training and support services to advance the independence, dignity, worth and human rights of people with disabilities.  At Carinya Society we rely on our fantastic community and supporters to help us make a difference to the lives of adults with a disability. 

At Carinya Society we enable our participants to inspire, connect and develop while at the same time giving back to a community who are less fortunate.  Ride Together is an initiative that rescues preloved bikes and restores them into safe, working condition so they can be given to those with no other means of transport.

Ride Together is based out of the ‘Carinya Shed’, and has chosen Bicycles For Humanity to distribute the bikes our participants repair.   Unfortunately, our shed is poorly supplied with:

  • Tools
  • Bike stands and storage
  • Preloved adult bikes ready for light repairs.  

 You can make a difference!

Your donation of $15 could help us purchase new Professional Bike Tool Kits.  The tools that we use are old and some are falling apart.  Most are not good quality, and we often have only one of each tool.  By purchasing bike specific tool kits we can help participants get the job done faster, improving their self-esteem and sense of satisfaction.

$30 would make a huge difference, helping us to purchase items like Mechanic Repair Adjustable Bike Workshop Stands.  We currently share one stand between the entire group.  The stands are adjustable to participant’s height (even in wheelchairs) and helps us to ensure their backs are supported whilst working.  The more stands we can purchase the more bikes we can repair.

With your generous gift of $45, we could purchase a multiple wall hanging bike storage rack.  For both space and OH&S reasons, we would like to be able to safely store bikes during the repair process on the wall of our shed.  This would free up space for participants to move around freely, and work within the shed.

We thank you so much for your support.




Contact Details

PO BOX 175

03 9354 3337
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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.