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Cat Protection Society of NSW Limited

Every cat deserves a loving and responsible home


Finding loving and responsible homes for cats in need

Cat Protection works to save feline lives by providing discounted desexing programs; shelter and adoption for homeless cats and kittens; reuniting lost cats with their people; helping injured and at-risk cats; and providing advice and information on feline health, behaviour and welfare.

We help thousands of cats every year through these programs but we depend on donations, bequests and sponsorship to do it.

How will the funds be used?

As a no-kill shelter, we look after cats until they find their forever homes. If one of our cats needs surgery or has special health needs, we will pay the veterinary costs needed to treat the cat.

Our costs include professional care and advisory staff; veterinary expenses including health tests and any necessary surgery, from desexing to complex operations, medications and treatments; vaccinations; microchips; kitty litter and other needs.

Buttercup was a delightful tabby stray who was born without eyelids and was in a lot of pain. With the support of our generous donors, and the amazing team at Concord Veterinary Hospital, we were able to pay for the multiple surgeries that Buttercup needed to graft skin from her lips to create eyelids. Through it all, Buttercup was always friendly and astounded us all with her affectionate nature. We are thrilled that she found her forever home.

Without the support and generosity of our supporters, we wouldn’t be able to offer life-saving and life-transforming veterinary care for our beloved cats, just like Buttercup, but, to do this, we still need your help. 

Key Areas of Expenditure

$15 provides clean kitty litter for one cat for two weeks

$30 allows a cat to be microchipped so they never get lost

$70 will pay for vaccinations to protect them from disease

$100 covers the cost of desexing a cat to help feline overpopulation

$500 provides a month’s supply of Feliway to help our kitties relax while waiting for their forever homes

$1000 covers the cost of caring for a mum and her babies in foster care


$192,475 raised so far

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Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.