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Individual philanthropy is imperative for the future success of this community asset. As we celebrate our tenth birthday, there's never been a better time to give. The 2014 public birthday campaign has a target of $1 million, which will be used to leverage government, Trusts and Foundations and other philanthropic support to raise the total $18 million required to finish the site.

Ten years ago the Convent was saved and gifted to the community. The Abbotsford Convent Foundation does not receive recurrent government funding to run this site - we do it on our own - with the community's help. The project has proved its viability but to ensure the project is completed, ongoing support is essential.

The Convent inspires a level of passion rarely seen in community facilities. Its energy generates interaction in various forms across the site and materialises in an exceptional feeling of 'place'. As new areas are activated, the opportunities for people to interact in a meaningful way continue to grow. Whilst this feeling of community seems intangible, it is the essence of why the Convent exists in its current form and why those who visit, fall in love with the site.

Single Gifts
The 2014 public birthday campaign has ambitious targets, for good reasons! We need to transform the remaining 40% of the site, which is still derelict, inactivated and underutilised. Many of these spaces face the risk of being lost forever - if they are not secured now. To fund this work we require support from multiple streams including public donations. If each of our 889,000 annual visitors donates a small amount in 2014, an extraordinary impact on the site will be made in terms of restoration, activation and accessibility. Every gift helps to keep the Convent free for all to enjoy.

Regular Gifts
In celebration of the Convent's tenth birthday we are launching a regular giving program, to create an opportunity for our supporters to give a gift that will keep on giving. Pledging a gift will allow you to spread your support over a longer period with instalments that can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. By making a multi-year pledge to the Convent, you will enable us to plan ahead and deliver projects strategically over time. You can sign up via the donation form on the following page or contact us directly to discuss a tailored pledge.

After providing for your family and friends, you may want to leave an enduring legacy to the community by supporting

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