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New Beginnings - Pathways beyond alcohol and other drugs

Windana Inc. has been a key service provider in Victoria providing alcohol and drug community health and support services since 1984. Windana works with over 1500 people per year to address issues associated with alcohol and other drugs.

Problematic alcohol and drug use often narrows experience and works against social inclusion. Recovery requires re-engaging with a broader community and new experiences. This can be daunting, even overwhelming, for those who have been closed off.

To make lasting change a reality, healthy and constructive lifestyle choices need to replace old habits. Windana provides a range of recreation, arts, health and vocational programs to inspire new beginnings. These also break down social isolation and create new networks for people desperately in need of strong community support.

Your donation will assist in supporting people - connecting them with self and community - as they move towards more positive lives.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Recreation Programs including health, fitness, motivation, social skills development and team building programs
Excursions to public places and venues to broaden areas of interest and create connection with the many wonderful experiences and facilities on offer across Melbourne
  • Creative and therapeutic arts and music programs
Relaxation, massage, naturopathy
  • Nutrition and self care
  • Vocational information and activities

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.