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Wildcare Australia

Helping wildlife in South-east Queensland

$302,984 raised of $50,000 goal
$302,984 raised of $50,000 goal

Every day, hundreds of Australian native animals are injured, displaced, found sick, or orphaned across South-East Queensland. 

Wildcare has a team of trained wildlife rescuers and carers, that are on call 24/7 to support our Australian native wildlife when they need help. 

Our 24/7 Emergency Hotline is getting busier with the increase of human development in South-East Queensland placing pressure on our native wildlife.

The human impacts on our native wildlife is devastating, causing loss of natural habitat, vehicle strikes, attacks by domestic animals, fence and fruit netting entanglements and secondary poisoning from chemical baits, but with your help we can make a difference. 

Our team of trained rescuers and carers are volunteers and do not get paid for their exhaustive efforts to rescue and rehabilitate our native wildlife. Donations and sponsorship from the community help us to support our volunteers so they can respond to and provide support to animals in need.

Did you know:

  • It costs around $5 a day to feed an orphaned kangaroo or wallaby? Orphaned joeys are in care for 6 to 12 months so that’s $900 to $1,800 for one joey!
  • Our koala and possum carers can spend upwards of 3 hours a day driving around to collect suitable native vegetation to feed their animals? That can range in fuel costs of $120 - $150 a week!
  • Some baby birds need to be fed specialised hand-raising formula and insects every 30 minutes?  That’s up to 24 feeds a day! 

Show you care...your donation will help give our unique wildlife a second chance. PLEASE HELP WILDCARE HELP OUR WILDLIFE.

WILDCARE AUSTRALIA INC. is a registered charity and donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. You can consider one off donation or a regular donation (either weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually).

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