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Autism Gold Coast Inc

Together we can make a difference!

Autism Gold Coast Inc is raising funds to support the innovative development of activities at our newly established family centre for Autism Gold Coast Inc. We currently provide family support and information services, and wish to expand this to include targeted, family focussed and child-adolescent-adult activities.

We are seeking to form community partnerships with companies who are able to provide funds and/or donation of services, to enhance our service to the local Autism Spectrum Disorder community.

Why are we collecting funds?

Autism Gold Coast Inc is a small community not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers to provide the emotional support and information that ASD families require in order to meet the challenges of daily living and cope with the social-emotional dynamics within the family structure, and assist the family to lead valued and inclusive lives within their local community.

Autism Gold Coast receives neither government funding nor financial support from Autism Queensland, thus relies on fundraising to meet the demand for local services, activities and events for the autism community on the Gold Coast. There are over 600 families living on the Gold Coast who have a family member with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder who seek the support of this small organisation.

Our family centre in Cascade Gardens parklands Broadbeach opened in 2015 bringing the autism community together face-to-face rather than by email or phone, consequently enabling us to operate more effectively, engage with families, and with the opportunity to respond to the increasing demand for our services within the community. The mums and dads with their children are finally be able to come to a home (not an office) that is safe and autism-friendly, where they can connect with others who understand the challenges they face in their daily lives.

What we do to help:

Autism Gold Coast is committed to:

  • Twice monthly support group meetings

  • Offering 7 day/week telephone contact  -  families new to the Gold Coast, parents of newly diagnosed, adults on the spectrum, spouses of individuals on the spectrum, foster carers, extended family members, concerned community members, schools and community services seeking information and support

  • ASD Email Newsgroup to families, carers, community organisations, schools, doctors and allied health practitioners

  • Quarterly Autism Gold Coast Newsletters to financial members and community supporters

  • Specialist ASD library resources for those who are financial members

  • Family-based outings and social group activities

  • Organising special events for Mums and Dads – Mothers Weekend Away, Dads Day Out
  • Community awareness displays in the community

  • Raising awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder amongst community groups and service organisations

  • Host: The Lab Gold Coast (a Techology group for children & teenagers), playgroup for young children

Can you help us raise funds to provide targeted, family focussed and child-adolescent-adult activities that respond to the needs of our community?

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The Cottage in Cascade Gardens Parkland, 2730 Gold Coast Highway, BROADBEACH

0480 275 582

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