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This AUGUST, SOUTH EAST COMMUNITY LINKS ‘A GIFT of HOPE’ is raising money for a very special cause.

Maryam and Amir

Seeking safety for their family was all Maryam and Amir hoped for when they arrived in Australia in 2012 after fleeing persecution in Iran. Six years later they have safety, but at a cost that is unbearable to speak of.

Early 2017 Amir was glowing with pride after setting up his own hairdressing salon business.  He was enjoying life with his family and in particular the Taekwondo classes he regularly attended with his son.  Later that same year, Amir was diagnosed with sinusitis and meningitis, leading to blood clots in the brain and eventually an acquired brain injury that demands 24 hour care. After 2 weeks in a coma on life support, Amir can now breathe independently, but requires a feeding tube to receive nutrients. His wife Maryam and sons Hasan and Javid are devastated, with Maryam recently being admitted to hospital overnight due to her fragile mental health. Their dreams of a new life in Australia shattered.

The challenge for this family is that they do not receive the benefits or medical attention Australian residents would if in this situation.  This family is still waiting for their refugee claims to be assessed and are on a Temporary Protection Visa, which means no NDIS or disability supports.

Amir has recently been transferred from hospital to a Residential Care Facility where he will stay long term. Amir is currently without a wheelchair. This is a very basic necessity which they do not have money for and there is no funding or money available for Amir to purchase this. South East Community Links are now raising money to help buy Amir a tilt and recline wheelchair that will allow Amir to move outside the confines of the facility and spend time with his family in the gardens or in a communal area. The cost for this is $4,200.

Much of their situation is out of our control, but we can help improve the quality of Amir's life with the gift of a wheelchair.
All donations are greatly appreciated. 

Thank you.


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