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empowering people with disability

People with a recent disability, medically diagnosed or due to an accident, are often faced with many challenges, especially when it comes to secure Govt. funding to assist them with in home support or to purchase mobility equipment to enable them to live in their own homes.

It can take months, sometimes years for a person with a recent disability to be approved for federal or state funding to pay for carers to assist them with their daily living needs or to purchase mobility equipment.

Often times, the money initially comes out of their own pocket, from their families and friends or charity organisations, like us. When none of these options are available, the disabled person will have to look at being placed in an institution for some time until funding has been allocated to them. This last option comes at a great emotional cost to these individuals and their families.

QLA's donations go to people in such situations in the form of temporary emergency funding to help purchasing mobility equipment including wheelchairs, shower chairs, hoists and any other required equipment.

The donations also help to pay temporary carers to assist these individuals with their daily needs for a few hours per day.

QLA's aim is to provide the best possible lifestyle for people with disabilities, to enable them to be as independent as possible and live in their place of choice.

You can help us reaching out to more people with disabilities in great need of help by donating to Quality Lifestyle Alliance today.

For more information about QLA visit www.qla.org.au or call us on 07 55443 9777.

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