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More than just counseling


Mosaic Community Services GROWS by leaps and bounds... with your support.

Now help us keep growing! With your support we can improve everything we do.

Standing Room Only!

There's a surging demand for our services because there's so many people in rural and remote Australia who need mental health care. With your help, this year Mosaic will help over 260 broken people of all ages. That's a huge jump up from 87 last year. And Mosaic appointments have grown from 35 per week in January last year to well over 66 per week now.

What does this mean?

We're simply overflowing, it's got to the point that we've had counsellors sitting in the car park because it makes a difference to peoples lives. We need your help - Your gifts over $2 are tax deductible! Growth is exciting, but it brings a problem - finding the money to pay for it all. With your help Mosaic can keep moving forward. We're not stopping because the meeting rooms are full. We're committed to making care easier to get. Why? Because we are convinced that people in rural and remote areas matter.

Mosaic is more than just counseling! With your support we now provide professional mental health services for struggling people in rural and remote areas ranging from :

  • Marriage, Divorce and domestic violence counselling for both men & women.
  • Caring for people with spiritual abuse, chronic pain, cancer and bereavment.
  • Ante and post-natal depression care, & counselling for other pregnancy related issues.
  • Therapy for people suffering from addictions including alcohol, pornography & self harm.
  • Counselling and support for children, teenagers, indigenous people & refugees.
  • Therapy dealing with mental illness issues such as anxiety, depression and self esteem.
  • Group therapy for people suffering with mental illness,
  • Provision of mental health hospital care for people under the poverty line.
  • Provision of mental health hospital care under compassionate grounds for famers who are receiving drought assistance, suffering under the effects natural disasters, this includes having to destroy their livestock and or being forced off the land.

It's a tall order, but with your support we can continue to do all this... and more!

Help us break down barriers... and break out of our rooms. Here's just a few of the great things we could do with your support and expanded resources:

  • We can expand our services for people house bound and in retirement villages.
  • Attend apointments with people with cancer and chronic pain & other chronic diseases.
  • Home visitation and care for women suffering from ante/post-natal depression.

These are just a few examples of how your support can help impact our community.

We depend on you!

Hold onto your seats! Did you know that each week at least $3,158 in man hours is gifted by professional volunteers to make Mosaic Community Services hum? And that's not counting the cost of resources and other gifts given through the charity. This means that generous people like you, who believe in what we do, make a HUGE impact in transforming lives.

Imagine a quiet loft, an ineffectual practice. With few visitors, no programs, no groups, no outreach into the community. Bleak? That's what Mosaic Community Services would be without you. It's your generous gifts that make all the difference, that make us an effective, vibrant team committed to seeing people in rural and remote areas received mental health care.


Here's just a few of the things that happen when you give to the Mosaic fund:

  • Mosaic Community Services remains open and free to anyone needing care.
  • Support for Farmers and their families, children, teenagers, indigenous and refugees remains affordable.

We can offer support OUT in the community. Care for those who most need it!

All because of you!

A Bigger Stronger Picture... can you feel it?

Something big and powerful is happening in our community. There's a powerful movement being unleashed and Mosaic is leading the charge, joining forces with like minded people - LIKE YOU - and organisations to deliver care to those standing on the outside, the marginalised, the forgotten and discarded.

When you give, more time and energy can be put into the "big picture"… and that's good for all of us. Learn more about the impact of your gift. Visit for testimonials, stories and other important information.

Mosaic Community Services has an incredibly solid foundation to build an exceptional future on. It's a vibrant, safe place for broken people, of all ages and from all backgrounds to receive the care & support they need and deserve... right in your own backyard!

All gifts over $2 are tax deductible. We're a registered charity with the Australian government. And your gift will transform lives not only in Toowoomba but the Lockyer Valley, the Darling Downs and as far west as Dirranbandi, up to Longreach and across to Bundaberg on the coast.  We hope to expand services services across Rural and Remote Australia as we grow.

With over 280 appointments each month, Mosaic Community Services is not only transforming lives but is literally positively impacting the fibre and health of our community.

Make an investment in your community.


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