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Gold Coast Community Legal Centre & Advice Bureau Inc

Legal Advice and assistance

The Gold Coast Community Legal Centre & Advice Bureau Inc provides the entire Gold Coast community with free legal advice, prototype and collaborative project work, community legal information and general information and referrals.

Our mission is to maximize access to professional legal advice and services on behalf of persons who would otherwise be unable to access such advice or services.

General information about us includes:
  • We are the Gold Coast's only funded and accredited full time operating Community Legal Centre.
  • We service the entire Gold Coast community, specifically, we open our doors to all 500,000+ residents,
  • We provide services reaching as far south as Tweed Heads, as far west as Beaudesert and as far north as Pimpama
  • We provide free advice and assistance by way of face-to-face appointments, as well as providing a day time walk-in service.
  • We aim to establish prototype and collaborative projects with other Centres in Queensland to better assist and inform the Gold Coast community.
  • We are not means or merit tested so we are able to provide advice and assistance to all residents of the Gold Coast.

Our Team

We have 5 employed solicitors who come from diverse backgrounds with diverse knowledge and experience. Our solicitors see up to 8 clients a day with occasional time allocated for casework responsibilities. Additionally, our solicitors take time to provide the Gold Coast community with legal information by way of seminars, information talks and attendance at relevant conferences and events.

Our reception is run by volunteers who dedicate their time during the week to assist our Centre. The reception volunteers are not legally trained so are unable to provide legal advice over the phone, but are equipped to provide general referrals to other Departments and Organisations who may be able to assist with your matter. We also open our doors to Law Student's who seek to gain experience in the practical side of the law whilst still undertaking their studies.

How YOU can give back to the community

Your donation makes a real difference to the day-to-day running of the Gold Coast Community Legal Centre & Advice Bureau Inc.

All donations go directly to the running of the Centre and ensuring we can continue to provide free legal advice and assistance to the Gold Coast community.

Your donation, however big or small, makes a real difference. Here are some examples of how your donation can assist our Centre.
  • $5 - can pay for the advice provided in one appointment; covering all printing costs for letters written, handouts, documents printed, envelopes and stamps. Our Centre would not be able to provide the advice and assistance without the use of printing and posting services. However, all printing and posting is done free of charge for clients, so your donation contributes to replenishing those supplies.
  • $15 - can cover the costs of volunteers each week. Our Centre would not be able to run efficiently without volunteers in reception. Volunteers offer their time on a weekly basis and are repaid by way of free tea, coffee and biscuit facilities as well as free computer, internet and phone use whilst on their shift.
  • $20 - can cover the daily utilities expenses we incur to be able to have an office to provide advice and assistance out of. This covers the electricity, internet and phone charges which are a necessary part of the office environment and which we would not be able to operate without.
  • $40 - can cover the costs a solicitor uses to provide advice and assistance on a daily basis, covering all printing, photocopying, stationary and postage expenses for a whole day┬┤s worth of appointments.
  • $100 - can cover the costs of providing casework to one client. This involves detailed assistance by a solicitor where there are multiple letters written, many court documents completed, printed and posted, phone calls made and many hours of work that go into the matter. Your donation can assist in ensuring disadvantaged and vulnerable people can continue to receive ongoing specialised assistance.
  • $200 - can pay for a deaf interpreter to assist a client for one hour. This is an important service for those who are deaf.
  • $300 - can cover one solicitor in court for a whole day acting on a duty lawyer basis. We provide a duty lawyer program out of the Southport Domestic Violence Court on a weekly basis . This donation could cover the costs for the solicitor to be in court for the day to provide immediate relief to people in the domestic violence court

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.