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The Rice Meal Inc.

A Meal with a Difference to Make a Difference


The Rice Meal Inc. is an organisation that seeks to assist others, locally and overseas, who are less privileged than most. We do this by holding an annual lunch which consists of a bowl of rice and a glass of water. This culinary experience brings into focus the plight of many in the world who live with much less. During the event, we have speakers who have actively assisted those in need or are simply willing to entertain in support of a good cause.

The Rice meal event has been held annually since February 2012. The Rice Meal members cover the costs associated with running the event, by securing donations of the venue and equipment and putting their hands in their own pockets. The event has been able to raise funds to support Care Australia, World Vision, The Footmen Club and Opel. All of the money donated is forwarded to these charities.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.