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Student Care Welfare Qld Inc.

Children in Crisis (QLD)

Sarah is one of around 5000 homeless children across QLD.

Surprised? So are most people. Homelessness is seen as a problem faced by middle-aged drunks and people overseas.

The reality however, is that these children exist, and they need our help.

What We Do:

We believe in tackling the problem for all sides, to help young people in need to feel safe and supported. This means crisis intervention - when a family finds themselves on the street, food, clothing and care products as needed, and counselling to help these children come to terms with their experiences. We also provide homework diaries with empowering artworks at a discounted cost to schools in lower income areas.

How you can help

  • $50 provides one counselling session to a child in need in QLD.
  • $75 funds one street outreach visit helping homeless youth and families in Brisbane and Logan
  • $110 provides 10 toiletries packs to young people and families on the street or in a refuge
  • $200 provides 5 food hampers for families without enough to eat
  • $1000 provides 8 counselling sessions, 8 tutoring sessions and a hamper of food to help a child get back on track.
To learn more - visit today.

In the meantime, you can:
  • Make a donation
  • Hold a fundraiser
  • Volunteer your time
  • Leave a bequest
…because a system can't raise a child….it takes a village.

Thankyou for your help!

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