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Charles Bonnet Syndrome Foundation General Appeal

Charles Bonnet Syndrome Foundation

Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) is the experience of a vision-impaired person 'seeing' things that are not really there (ie. phantom images). These phantom images can range from simple geometric patterns through to animals, faces, figures in elaborate costumes and even full landscapes. In CBS, the person understands that what they see is not real. CBS is not a mental illness or a sign of impending senility. Rather, it is merely a quirky side effect of vision loss.

CBS is an under-recognised and under-reported condition that affects tens of thousands of vision-impaired Australians. Most are presently suffering in silence. The condition is one of the great sleeper issues of eye health care.

The CBS Foundation (CBSF) is a non-profit organisation seeking donations to assist with fulfilling its mission statement.

CBSF Mission statement

The Charles Bonnet Syndrome Foundation is dedicated to:
  • Assist people affected by Charles Bonnet syndrome (including significant others)
  • Educate the general public about this condition
  • Educate medical and health care practitioners of its clinical profile
  • Advocate for better recognition of CBS within health departments and for resources to be allocated accordingly.
  • To promote further research into CBS.
CBSF is based at Ross House - perhaps the only community owned and managed not-for-profit building in Australia. Support CBSF and other worthwhile causes within the Ross House family.

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