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Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation

Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation Scholarships

Established in 2007, the Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation supports individuals in financial hardship who wish to study at Chisholm Institute. We provide support based on equity and fairness following the principles of Caroline Chisholm, a pioneering Australian humanitarian (1808 -1877), whom the Foundation is named after. We are driven by our commitment to disrupt disadvantage, and support people at all stages of life who are creating a pathway for themselves.

We are experiencing growing demand for our support following increased rates of unemployment, domestic violence and isolation, which is giving rise to deepening social issues within the community. Education and training has a role to play in addressing these challenges and building connections – between students, industry and the community at large. However, until entry barriers to education and training are removed for those facing disadvantage, its impact cannot be fully realised by those who need it most.

The Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation plays a small but important role in unlocking the financial barriers and demonstrating how a vocational education can transform lives and communities. Scholarships are available to all courses, at all campuses and for all careers. From the entry level at Certificate I through to Diploma level qualifications. The scholarships cover the cost of tuition fees, in class material fees, text books, uniforms and equipment as required.

We continue to be inspired by Caroline Chisholm and strive to make a tangible impact in our community. Through access to education, we empower individuals to make meaningful change in their lives. We help them to stay motivated and build resilience so they can help shape their family and community. With the support of our community, we are focussed on being more efficient and more effective in reaching those motivated individuals who can grow from our assistance.


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121 Stud Road

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