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Cairns Community Legal Centre Inc

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The Cairns Community Legal Centre Inc - Providing legal and support services for members of the community experiencing disadvantage.

Disadvantaged people are everyday Australians.  We know the effect that financial stress,  separation, abuse, exploitation, unemployment and other challenges can have.

Help us provide legal work for those people when they need it.

What we do?

We provide free legal help for people experiencing disadvantage.  Many of the clients we assist have experienced mental illness, abuse, loss of employment, separation, homelessness or other challenges.

We strive to ensure that people who are experiencing disadvantage receive the legal support they need so that they can get back up on their feet.  Each year we help over 2 000 clients but there are still more who need our help.  We are committed to helping as many people when they need it most.

What can you do?

Your donation makes a real difference and goes directly to providing services for those experiencing disadvantage.

Here are some of the ways that your donation can make a real difference to helping everyday Australians at times when they need it most.
  • $15 can pay for volunteer costs each week.  Each week volunteers give their time and expertise to help people in need.  You can help support our volunteers provide legal advice to clients who need their help.
  • $20 can pay for our client free call 1800 lines each week.  Each day people call us needing legal help.  Our 1800 lines are vital in helping those people reach us in times of need.
  • $100 will help to provide a 2 hour casework appointment with a lawyer for clients who are experiencing disadvantage.  This will enable clients to have detailed assistance with their matter, whether it be about serious abuse or preparing for a conference.
  • $200 can pay for a deaf interpreter to assist a client for one hour.   This is an important service for those who are deaf.
  • $300 will assist us to provide a community education session.  These sessions are an important way of providing groups of people with information about the law which affects them.  

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1st Floor Main Street Arcade 85 Lake Street

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