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ChangePath is Australia's only fully independent charity rating platform. We help donors like you to decide which charity to donate to by compiling information on the transparency, financial sustainability and privacy of close to a thousand Australian charities. We also provide an interactive guide to help you create a personalised list of charities that meet your needs.

If you have ever wondered what the best charity to donate to is, or been concerned whether a charity would spend your money wisely, ChangePath is here to help. We believe that charities being transparent about what they do with their money is essential to creating trust with donors and ensuring that donations are well spent.   


Why do we need donations?

We want ChangePath to be a service that everyone can use. We don't want to put features behind a paywall, or hide data from certain groups in order to make enough money to keep ourselves running. We certainly can't accept money from charities, as that could threaten our ability to be truly independent. So in order to survive, we need donations from the people that actually use the site.


How will the funds be used?

Keeping ChangePath up to date is not a trivial undertaking. We spend time and money collecting data and improving the site, and without your help ChangePath will simply not be sustainable in the long term.

More importantly, the more funds we receive, the better the site will get. It takes a significant amount of resources just to update the database with new data every year. Donations will mean we can do far more. It will allow us to pay for data analysts, developers, writers, and all the other people essential to improving ChangePath and making it into something truly spectacular. It would mean everything from more regular posts to the ChangePath blog, to increasing the number of charities that we list on the site, to reporting on the impact of charities. There's a lot we could do, and we can't do it without you.

Want more details? See our plans for the next version of ChangePath on our blog.

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