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Children First Foundation

Caring for our Children during COVD-19


Who We Are 

Children First Foundation (CFF) is an Australian based charity. We facilitate life-changing, sometimes life-saving, surgery in Australia for disadvantaged children from developing countries. 

These children are unable to access the medical care that they need, as the complex, and often multiple surgical procedures required, are not possible in their own countries. CFF has enabled over 400 children, from 32 countries to receive the care and treatment they need. 

Why Give Now? 

Pre and post-surgery the children are cared for at our Children First Foundation Retreat in rural Victoria. The Retreat is supervised 24/7 by a team of skilled staff and volunteers. 

Over the past few weeks we have carefully followed the advice given by authorities around COVID-19 to keep our children, staff, volunteers and community safe. Where safe and possible those children and carers who were able to do so were returned to their homes last week. These children are between surgeries, or have not yet begun their surgical treatments, and could therefore return home at no risk. 

We do however have 9 residents still in our care at the Retreat. These children are all currently on their treatment journeys. Whilst they don't require medical care (aside from the daily physio given by our team) they are all wearing plasters, braces or other orthopaedic devices that mean they cannot travel. The best place for them at this time is at the Retreat with us. 

It costs us approximately $81 per child, per day to run our program, as CFF is not eligible to receive government funding, we rely on the generosity of donors.  In the past few weeks alone we have needed to cancel 2 significant fundraising events which will have a substantial impact on our income. 

We need to provide 189 meals a week, keep the lights and heating on and keep smiling! 

Any support you can provide us with during this challenging time will be much appreciated. 

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