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Choral Edge

Choral Edge

Choral Edge is one of Melbourne’s most innovative and engaging choirs. Led by director Juliana Kay, this troupe of versatile and talented singers seeks to expand the boundaries of choral music and delight audiences through playful, multi-dimensional projects.

In 2018 their debut project Stories from the Choir blended elements of theatre, journalism and choral music into a moving piece of choral-theatre, winning a nomination for Best Music at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. This enchanting combination of choir and theatre opened up further exciting collaborations with other groups including Periscope Productions (The Human Voice, 2021) and comedy duo Pink Flappy Bits (Private Parts, 2022).

Choral Edge’s self-produced concerts are always imaginative and immersive. Highlights include #Millennials, a brunch concert of music by young composers, 1+1=3, a fusion of virtuosic piano and choral storytelling, and Scribbles, a communal art-making project where the audience drew and doodled their way through an hour of music.

The choir’s playful and inviting approach to choral performance continues to push boundaries and introduce new audiences to the exciting possibilities of great choral music.


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