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CINI Australia, Child In Need India

CINI Australia, Child In Need India


Preventing the transmission of COVID in India is critical.
Your contribution will save lives now and in the future
Child in Need Institute, India has requested our support for their urgent response to the COVID disaster in India.  As the catastrophe engulfs the country and the health system is overwhelmed, preventing COVID transmission is critical to save lives and stop children being orphaned. 
Families desperately need practical information and assistance to prevent further devastation from COVID.  CINI field workers are trusted in areas where resources are scarce, literacy is low and poverty is severe. They are the best people to spread these urgent and lifesaving public health messages.

CINI COVID Assistance Centers will provide Family COVID Wellness kits, each containing 4 masks, 4 soaps and Nutrimix (a nutrition supplement for children, pregnant and breast-feeding women). Essential public health education and advice, assistance with isolation, referral to "Safe Homes"and first line oxygen monitoring will help families keep safe. CINI's reponse will adjust to the needs in this an evolving crisis.

A $10 Family COVID Wellness Kit contains essentials for a family of 4 

$500 will provide kits to 50 families 
Preventing transmission in 200 people will impact hundreds more 

Continuation of our Community Development Programs is even more vital now. Vulnerable families are facing increasing poverty and disadvantage. Malnutrition, out-of-school children, child marriage and trafficking are increasing as families lose their income and parents. 

Background: For 10 years CINI Australia has been working with Child in Need Institute, India to address the causes of poverty in India. Programs empower women to improve the health, nutrition, education and protection of their families. CINI has 47 years’ experience reaching families in the city slums and rural villages.  Our Community development program, currently reach over 94 villages and more than 200 children affected by HIV/AIDS

An Australia dollar goes a long way in India where many people live on $2 a day and over 40% of children are malnourished. Your contribution will make real and lasting change. 

Thank you for your support. 

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