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CINI Australia, Child In Need India

CINI Australia, Child In Need India




CINI Australia is working to address the fundamental causes of poverty that pass from generation to generation. We work with Child in Need Institute, India and programs that focus on health, nutrition, education and protection of disadvantaged women and children. 

It is well recognized that the wellbeing of a mother is the foundation for the future of the family.

CINI works in rural villages and inner city slums and reach children living on the streets, children of sex workers and children on the railways of Kolkata.

Health and nutrition programs start in early pregnancy to prevent malnutrition in the mother and her growing baby. Antenatal care and safe childbirth give a baby the best start in life. Nutrition in pregnancy directly affects a baby's birth weight, its ability to resist childhood illness and its development and success at school.

The next step for families to move out of poverty is for the children to receive an education. Children often become child labourers to supplement family income and therefore miss out on schooling. CINI helps families realize the importance of education and skills for a better future. Many of these children are the first generation of the family to go to school and so CINI supports preschool preparation, enrollment and retention in schooling. This means making sure the schools are safe and "child-friendly" places.

Health and community workers are trained to work with mothers, their extended families and local communities to address health, nutrition, education and protection.

CINI employs local staff, uses local resources and works with local councils so that change will be sustainable. These programs are always developed with input from the local community and often work through women's self-help groups.

An Australia dollar can go a long way where many people live on less than $2 a day and over 40% of children do not have adequate nutrition. Your contribution can help make real and lasting change.

Thank you for your support.

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