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CINI Australia, Child In Need India

CINI Australia, Child In Need India


BEYOND COVID ...  Now it's time to recover and thrive. 

There is lots to be done and our programs are ready.
It is back to CINI's basics of health, nutrition, education and protection.

For 2 years, it's been difficult to think beyond the COVID infection and lockdowns.  Now the long term impacts of the pandemic are becoming frighteningly clear. They threaten to undo much of the progress of the past decade. Therefore, CINI is directing its skills, developed over 47 years, to re-establish essential health care, childhood immunization, nutrition and back-to-school programs. The need for assistance is enormous. There is much work to be done and our trusted teams are on the ground already.

Education: Imagine your children without schooling for 18 months.
Indian schools are expected to open again soon.  In the past decade, there has been much work to convince parents that education will benefit their children more than the money they can earn as child labourers. Once again, prioritizing school will be a challenge.

Children are behind in their learning and many will struggle to return to the classroom. Whilst some children in the communities where we work have smart phones, the majority dont, and online learning has not been available. They will need extra help to catch up and encouragement to attend.

Nutrition: Food supply, distribution and quality have all been affected. Important measures that aim to counteract malnutrition in the home, all came to a halt during COVID. Children who usually get a midday meal at school and women and preschoolers who get a cooked meal at the Child health centers all went without. Iron and folic acid tablets provided to adolescents to address the huge incidence of iron deficiency anaemia were not regularly distrubuted.

Poverty: Loss of income and food insecurity have resulted in a 91% increase in the number of severely malnourished children in India. Massive job losses means that millions of families who were previously managing, are now living in poverty.

CINI has the expertise and people on the ground ready to focus to children's education and nutrition.

Your contribution will make this vital work possible.

Thank you for your help 

Background: For 10 years CINI Australia has been working with Child in Need Institute, India to address the causes of poverty in India. Programs empower women to improve the health, nutrition, education and protection of their families. CINI has 47 years’ experience reaching families in the city slums and rural villages.  Our Community development program, have reached over 150 villages and more than 300 children affected by HIV/AIDS

Continuation of our Community Development Programs is even more vital now. Vulnerable families are facing increasing poverty and disadvantage. Malnutrition, out-of-school children, child marriage and trafficking are increasing as families lose their income and parents. 

An Australia dollar goes a long way in India where many people live on $2 a day and over 40% of children are malnourished. Your contribution will make real and lasting change. 

Thank you for your support. 

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