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Our vision and fundraising aim
We know that every child is unique but unfortunately they do not all get the same opportunities in life. If you or your friends or family hav experienced the benefits of our transformative circus school, we invite you to 'pay it forward' and purchase a Holiday Program session (or part there of) for a child in the community who would otherwise not be able to participate.

We will work with our partners to deliver these donated sessions to children in the community who would ordinarily not be able to participate in a program due to cost. Circus is an incredible equaliser and will allow them to experience safe risk taking, creative expression and community connection.


What is HUP?
"HUP!" is a term used in circus to signal that you are engaged and ready to support your fellow troupe member. It's an acknowledgement of trust and we are using this metaphor as a way for us to signal to our community that we are ready and engaged to help support them.

 See our fun video to see what we mean!:

A reflection from a parent
"My daughter Lisa is dyslexic and therefore found school very challenging much of the time and this impacted on her confidence but once she started at Cirkidz she learnt numerous new skills. This gave her much needed confidence in her ability to do the school work and as a result her progress, grades and attitude at school greatly improved." 

- Cynthia Goldsworthy on her daughter Lisa Goldsworthy, Cirkidz Graduate, Trainer & International Performer.


Proof that circus works
A University of South Australia School of Health Sciences study of a recent Cirkidz skills program offered to students in a primary school found that those who participated in the program increased their levels across a range of motivation and engagement in learning factors compared to their peers who were not involved in the program

The Study showed that children involved in regular circus training by Cirkidz within a school environment improved their level of motivation to attend school and engage in learning as well as plan and manage schoolwork. It is well understood that remaining in school and getting a good education is a prerequisite for a good and healthy life. Ensuring students remain motivated and engaged in learning is a key.

Teachers in the study reflected that Cirkidz workshops enabled the notable development of new physical, social and cognitive skills. Students' confidence levels improved along with their capacity for teamwork, building trust, and respect behaviours.

The students in the study loved attending circus sessions and enjoyed being active. They valued being able to learn new skills and to be able to perform for and with others.


HUP! I'm ready! What's the next step?
To donate, please select from the options below to see how your money will be spent. For more information please see webpage, call Kylie on 8346 5735 or email us. Thank you for your kind consideration, the Cirkidz team.


$25 donation: Goes towards a holiday program for a child.
$50 donation: Gives the gift of a half day holiday program for a child
$100 donation: Gives the gift of a full day holiday program for a child.


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