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Since 2004, WHI has worked to drill clean water wells and provide necessary sanitation in some the world’s most impoverished communities. Because of the initiatives of WHI, hundreds of thousands of people in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mozambique, and Cambodia are living healthier, more productive lives now because of access to clean water. World Hope International responds to the water crisis by:

Drilling wells

Clean water wells not only improve one’s quality of life, they prolong it. World Hope drills water wells using local engineers in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Cambodia. The teams drill wells in communities, at schools and hospitals, and other public institutions that lack a clean water source. Local leaders are then trained to keep the clean water flowing long after the drilling is done. A well in a village can bring clean water to more than 550 people.

Building latrines

Most people don’t realize how important a toilet is – yet clean toilets play a huge role in preventing the spread of bacteria and disease. In many of the communities, schools and hospitals where wells are drilled, WHI builds latrines using local materials and community leaders are trained to maintain them. And, there is an unexpected correlation between proper toilet facilities and educating girls.

Solar-powered piped water supplies

World Hope is constructing solar-powered water systems for health clinics in Sierra Leone, providing access to the water needed to properly clean and disinfect facilities, in addition to clean drinking water. The solar-powered water supplies consist of a well, solar panels to generate power for an electric pump, and a tower to store the water. From the towers, the water is piped into sinks, showers, and toilets, which are a rarity in Sierra Leone.

In Cambodia, a World Hope Social Ventures initiative called Phnom Water offers a market-based solution enabling households in rural locations to have access to clean, piped water. As a result, women—upon whom the majority of the clean water burden falls—can have clean water piped into their home for drinking, washing, gardening, and more.

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