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COVID-19 Wellbeing Care Kits by Collective Being


collective being is a Melbourne-based nonprofit organisation. Our mission is to dismantle the systemic barriers that disrupt many people within our community from accessing resources and services in support of their wellbeing. In recognition of the intersections between physical health, social connectedness and mental health, we deliver innovative trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness and social inclusion programs that resource people and communities with tools for sustainable wellness.

Due to COVID-19, our Community Partnership Program is currently on pause. Prior to coronavirus, this program delivered weekly trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness and social connection activities to ten different communities around Melbourne, including children, youth and adults. 

Whilst we are currently unable to run our programs, we are able to deliver mental and physical wellbeing resources for families and individuals in need. Our 'Wellbeing Care Kits' provide resources, games and practices that support stress relief, wellbeing, togetherness and peace.

We are aiming to raise enough funds to deliver 'Community Care Kits' to all 10 of our Program Partners, who will disseminate amongst families and individuals in need.

All donations are directed entirely to this project.

Thank you for your support, the CB team.

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