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The Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence

Community Fundraising - Create an event to help stop FDV


Family and domestic violence statistics continue to rise at an alarming rate with 63% of all assaults in WA being family violence related. The Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence needs your help to implement their solutions-focused and innovative 2020-2023 strategic plan to achieve their worthy mission - to build and empower families to live free from gender-based violence with a focus on early intervention and prevention. 

This mission resonates with us all, so by choosing to make us the beneficiary when you conquer a personal challenge or organise a fun event with friends, family, colleagues, and/or your local community group -  you are also choosing to help those affected by family and domestic violence (FDV) like Sophie. 

For us to conquer FDV we need a whole of community approach. By promoting your event/activity you will be helping spread awareness of FDV, helping those you love to learn about healthy relationships and by raising much-needed funds you will be contributing to prevention and intervention programs as well as providing some welcome provisions for women and children in our crisis care. 

Sophie’s story

Sophie lived in a violent relationship for many years. When the verbal, emotional, financial, and psychological abuse finally escalated to physical and sexual violence, Sophie wanted to leave with her three young children, however struggled with the process and with fear for their safety. 

Following a particularly violent attack she ended up in emergency where hospital staff found she had been unknowingly drugged with sedatives. Sophie and her children moved into one of our refuges and her husband was arrested and charged. After she took out a Family Violence Restraining Order and the husband left the house, Sophie and her children returned to their own home. 

One of our Safe at Home team helped her to draw up a safety plan, assisted with installing better locks and improving other safety features of the home and provided support as Sophie and her children began to rebuild their lives. “I am forever grateful for all the help and support”.

*All names and images have been changed to protect privacy and safety.



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