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Sleepout for Homelessness

For most of us the idea of being homeless is a vague concept. Something we don't contemplate on a daily basis. For most of us there is a comfortable home just a short distance away. But for some people homelessness is a daily challenge.

This is a part of Deb's story:

"I spent a long hot summer on a very steep learning curve simply trying to survive. I thought I could save some money, pay off my debt and eventually get back on my feet, but I was wrong. Every day was physically and mentally exhausting. Finding safe places to park the car long enough to rest and eat, carrying enough water to drink and wash in, conserving fuel and being careful not to draw attention to myself, was the daily routine. After almost 5 months, I was weak, unwell and so tired; I knew I could not go on."

Community Action is concerned for the people who find themselves homeless in our community.

For 2 years Community Action has held a Sleepout to raise money to help alleviate homelessness in Gympie. We have been humbled by the response. The total monies raised from the Sleepouts in 2013 and 2014 is $32,859. In 2015 we hope to raise more funds by challenging our community to once again give us their support.

Funds are being accumulated in an effort to create more facilities for people experiencing homelessness in Gympie. Somewhere that would give people like Deb a place to rest, gather support and move forward.

In October 2014, 110 people experiencing homelessness participated in a survey. Here are some of the stats:
  • 52 males and 58 females identified as homeless
  • Including 14 families
  • And 44 children
  • Ages ranged from 69 years to 6 months
  • Most frequently they were sleeping at the homes of family and/friends or rough sleeping
A portion of the funds already raised are used to ease immediate homelessness by providing swags to those with no accommodation. To date 96 swags have been purchased for those in need.

What can YOU do?
Every little bit helps, all donations will be gratefully accepted.

  • $19 will purchase a homeless person a purpose-designed polar fleece sleeping bag
  • $90 will purchase a homeless person a BackPack bed (
  • $110 will purchase a set of BackPack bed and polar fleece sleeping bag

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22 Nash Street

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.