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Community based health project, Buldana, Maharashtra, India

The Community Based Health Project (CBHP), Buldana, Maharashtra, India is a partnership between young Australian professionals and local doctor, Dr Moses to provide primary health care and basic development in a poor village.

The CBHP is based in the rural Indian district of Buldana. It utilises a multi-tier approach to health and development with community health workers providing the majority of primary health care and health education at the grassroots level.

The project is modelled on the Comprehensive Rural Health Project, Jamkhed model of primary health.

Dr Moses Kharat is the founder and director of CBHP. Dr MosesĀ¹ plan is for a network of volunteer community health workers to form the backbone of the health system, with community involvement at all levels of decision making and project implementation.

The purpose of CBHP is to improve infant and maternal health, reduce and control infectious diseases such as malaria, typhoid and tuberculosis, and provide basic curative services such as emergencies to the Buldana community.

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