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The Compassionate Friends Victoria Inc,

The Compassionate Friends Victoria Appeal

One of the greatest tragedies for any family is the death of a child - no matter the age of the child or the cause of death. It is the most painful form of loss, an unimaginable plunge into a vortex of suffering and intense emotions. When a child dies, the natural order is changed. We expect to bury our parents - some day, maybe even a spouse, but never, never a child. The shattering effect of the death of a child penetrates right through a person's world and inner being, having a deeply stressful effect on health, family, friendships, work and social life and is essentially undergone in isolation.

Each year in Victoria, many families experience this trauma. Since our inception in 1978, we have helped thousands of families following the death of a child. We have a 24hr grief support line, face-to-face support groups across Victoria, send out newly bereaved packages to grieving families and anniversary cards to members to show their loved one is never forgotten. 


Your generosity will allow us to continue providing support to grieving families by offering friendship, understanding and through this, provide hope of rebuilding a life without their son or daughter, brother or sister or grandchild in it. 


How will the funds be used?

We know that when grieving people receive caring support, their long-term emotional wellbeing is greatly improved. We also know that many people feel uncertain about how to support someone who is grieving, worried about what to say or upsetting them. This leads to people saying inappropriate comments or worse, to avoid the grieving person completely, leaving them isolated in their grief. 


Education makes such a difference. 


With education, the uncertainty of knowing how to support the bereaved is removed, creating better support systems within the community and reducing the traumatic isolation of grief. Your support can help make this difference. 


Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Conducting grief workshops for people to better understand grief and loss and how to support
  • Printing information brochures on grief for bereaved parents, siblings, employers & employees
  • Awareness raising activities in the community

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.