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CoMSAT: A Cognitive and Motor Symptom Assessment Tool for Prediction of Cognitive Dysfunction in Neurological Patients


Fundraising for vital equipment to aid in TBI, stroke, dementia and Parkinson's Disease research


When diagnosing neurological conditions (e.g., stroke), clinicians rely upon gold-standard assessments to determine the nature and severity of motor and cognitive impairment. These tools comprise clinical rating scales, which are based on observation alone, rather than objective measures. Our research will develop comprehensive motor assessment tools that use accessible technologies – such as smartphones, iPads and Nintendo Wii devices– to reliably measure motor functions affected in neurological injury and disease. These will complement our existing cognitive tests and form the Cognitive and Motor Symptom Assessment Tool (CoMSAT), which will provide objective measures of impairment that could predict an individual’s current and projected disease states. 

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