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Pride Lifeline Ride 2024

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Hi my name is Yang Yang, I work as the Fixed Plant Manager for Rio Tinto at Gudai-Darri and I will be riding 1000km within the month of June in the beautiful Pilbara region of Western Australia to raise funds for Pride Foundation and Lifeline.

Join me in supporting a cause that has seen significant strides but still requires our unwavering support. From the removal of homosexuality from the Classification of Diseases by the World Health Organization in 1990 to the violent suppression faced by activists during the first Mardi Gras pride march in Sydney back in 1978, the journey towards equality has been marked by struggles and triumphs. Tasmanian decriminalisation in 1997 marked a significant legal milestone, yet it's sobering to acknowledge that a majority of Australians today lived through times when being gay was illegal. Even the Marriage Equality plebiscite of 2017, while successful, revealed a stark reality with 38.4% of Australians voting against it. Let's ride together towards a future where everyone can live and love freely, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

You can support this initiative in two ways:

  1.  I will be bringing my bike up to site, so please join me. You can ride 100km, 500km or 1000km – whatever you feel comfortable doing. You can also complete the kilometres at home while on break, it’s totally up to you.   Please contact me directly if you are interested.
  2.  If cycling is not your go to activity, you can also provide support by donating. Any donation is much appreciated.

Please feel free to follow us under PrideRide2024 Instagram account.  The account is new but we will provide regular updates on our progress as a team and invite special people to join our rides.

I look forward to sharing this journey with as many of you as possible. 


Help to reach the goal of $3,000

$2,443 raised

Donations Received

Logo Photo Dan Simes
Hi Yang- Enjoying riding along
Logo Photo Craig Frisby
Go for it Yang!
Logo Photo Craig Frisby
Go for it Yang!
Logo Photo Alina Shapovalova
Yang, what an effort! Amazing cause! Thank you 🀩
Logo Photo Andrew Benn
Go Yang, Thankyou, enjoy the challenge!
Logo Photo Yinfan Ling
great work! Yang
Logo Photo Steven Keating
Great work Yang!
Logo Photo Molly Singline
Go well my friend. Will be following you all the way. :) This fills my heart.
Logo Photo Hannah Creeper
Yang, you are an absolute legend doing this - such a great cause and 1,000kms in June is a huge achievement. It is easy to talk the talk but not many people actually walk the walk, like you are doing here - keep inspiring others because you are making a difference to not only causes like this also to friends and colleagues alike! Hannah xx
Logo Photo Hana Barna
You are an inspiring person Yang. I'll be riding in Perth to support the cause :)
Logo Photo Annaleise Prowse
Logo Photo Paul Burrows
Logo Photo Karen Ong
All the best to Yang Yang and team!!
Logo Photo Amy Pan
Massive respect for what you do! 加油!
Logo Photo Brendan Cho
Logo Photo Denise Quoi
Logo Photo Michael Gadecki
Amazing work Yang!
Logo Photo Anonymous
Great work team. Best of luck.
Logo Photo Vignes Shanmuganathan
Absolute generous way of supporting the cause, time invested in this is invaluable! A great honour for me to be able to support this beautiful team, all the best!
Logo Photo Anonymous
Yang Yang, we are so proud of you for doing this. 😊All the best!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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