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Hands at Work in Africa (Australia) Ltd

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Providiing Essential Services in this Time of Crisis - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In this ever changing season, Hands at Work remains committed to providing for the most vulnerable within the communities that we are serving across Africa.  Though there are many government restrictions which we are adhering to, our care for the most vulnerable will not stop.  This is especially important in a season where our children face increased levels of vulnerability. 

Currently the world is striving to fight the spread of Coronavirus.  Governments have put their countries on lockdown and enforce restrictions and rules on the movement and activities of everyday life.  At present, many governments have stated that 'Essential Services' must continue to provide for and protect the most vulnerable in society.

From the beginning of Hands at Work, our call was clear, to reach the most vulnerable children, in the most impoverished places in Africa.  In over 60 communities spread thtroughout 8 countries across Africa, we've identified the most vulnerable children who, without support, would simply not survive, and we've done this by mobilising the church around the world to care.  We are together, caring for the most vulnerable.

Hands at Work as an Essential Service Provider

Through our ministry of home-based care and providing central places for children to gather daily to access essential services - known as 'Care Points' - Hands at Work continues to reach out, through this time when many people are distancing.  Of course the way we do this needs to honour the restrictions in place.

In many countries, this means that we limit the number of children that are at the Care Points at any one time, and the amount of time they spend there.  We are also taking great care in increasing the standards of hygiene, in line with global health advice.

In other countries, like South Africa, where governments have issued nationwide lockdown restrictions, Hands at Work and local volunteer Care Workers continue to have a daily presence in our communities.  This ensures that children will still have access  to food, health care support and, most importantly, contact with caring adults.


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