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The CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics aims to connect a postgraduate physicist or mathematician to a leading research centre overseas. Research in physics is fundamental for Australia's future. This scholarship is to honour the memory of four outstanding CSIRO physicists who lost their lives in a tragic helicopter accident on 21 March 2013.

The founders of this scholarship know that early experience at a leading overseas laboratort greatly benefits the graduate embarking on a research career and Australian science.

A pledge from the Laboratories Credit Union and donations from the family, friends, colleagues and associates of the physicists Drs. John Dunlop, Tony Farmer, Gerry Haddad and Don Price, have already contributed to the CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics.

With your support our aim is for a scholarship to be awarded annually in honour of John, Tony, Gerry and Don in the comings years.

More information is available on our website: www.csiroalumni.com.au

By making a donation you are supporting our future scientists.

About the scholarship

The CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics  is a post-graduate travel scholarship to the value of $5000.  The Scholarship is to fund travel costs to visit and/or conduct research in an overseas or interstate institution such as a university or research establishment of international standing in the field of proposed research.

Previous recipients

Claire-Elise Green was the inaugural award  winner in 2015 of the CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics.  Claire used the scholarship to trave to the Max-Planck institute in Bonn, Germany, and worked in the millimetre and sub-millimetre astronomy group under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Karl Menten.

Briana Ganly was the 2016 award  winner and used the scholarship to  travel to the University of Guelph in Canada,  to work with the University of Guelph PIXE group, led by one of the world leading PIXE experts, Prof. J L Campbell.

Scott Liles is the 2017 award winner. This travel scholarship will  assist with expenses relating to Scott’s research trip to measure the coherence time of single hole spins in a gate-defined GaAs quantum dot at the Neils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. Collaboration with the Quantum Devices group (QDEV) headed by Prof. C. Marcus, and have day-to­day contact with postdoctoral researchers Dr F. Kuemmeth and Dr C. Volk.

Honouring four esteemed colleagues

On 21 March 2013 the science and physics community lost four of their finest in a tragedy beyond imagination. Drs. John Dunlop, Tony Farmer, Gerry Haddad and Don Price were four great gentlemen - wonderful, dedicated scientists and humanitarians of the highest order. All had distinguished careers at CSIRO and were influential in bringing to industry new and novel techniques and products. Even in retirement, they continued to work for the organisation in an honorary capacity making major contributions in the application of advanced physics to solve significant problems in manufacturing industries. These men were leaders and mentors in the physics community - inspiring those around them - and they enjoyed nothing more than passing on their skills and knowledge to younger scientists. It is fitting to honour their memories through the establishment of a student scholarship based on academic achievement.

We are seeking support from individuals who want to play a part in supporting our future scientists by making a gift today. Donations at any level will be gratefully received.

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