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"Dancehouse is a home of independent movers … it's got their back … it's under their feet … and carries them forward.It is radar, signal, transmitter and receiver. It is a homeland for the independent, the bold, the brave, the rare, the fragile."

- Hellen Sky, co-founder of Dancehouse


Dancehouse is a place for exceptional art and for relentless exploration.

It is a place where artists and audiences intersect, connect and grow.
It is a site where thought is nurtured, boundaries are pushed and new territory is challenged.

We are a unique organisation, inspired and driven by the artists, fiercely committed to the belief that dance, and art in general, is an irreplaceable force in contemporary society and one of the few remaining ways to inspire creative living and thinking. 

In this house, we are proud to continue working as an innovative hub of knowledge and as a catalyst for everyday inspiration. With this in mind, remember that Dancehouse is your house. All that goes on within our walls happens with you, for you, but not without your support. You have a special place here and we welcome you to return as often as you like to see how your enthusiasm shapes this house into a home. We hope to share this place and its happenings with you for many years to come. 

"Participating in the arts gives our lives richness and meaning and undoubtedly plays a critical role in community development and wellbeing. As a not-for-profit organisation, Dancehouse is committed to keeping dance accessible to everyone. With the help of our supporters, Dancehouse fosters this life-enhancing connection as Australians of all ages and backgrounds meet here to be moved and delighted by dance. We thank you for your generous support."
-James Ostroburski, Chair of Dancehouse 

How will the funds be used?

Dancehouse is artist-centred. Our mission - to advance independent dance artists, build dance audiences, and develop the artform itself – enables and nurtures dance making and thinking. To do this, we believe accessibility is key. 

Your donations will nurture excellence in the dance making, will help produce and tour outstanding works nationally and internationally, will support the high quality resources and educational programs,, and will ensure audiences engage meaningfully with inspirational works.

Join us in realising our vision for independent dancers and dance in Australia. 

Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Commissioning, producing and presenting remarkable Australian choreographic works
  • Professional development via our Artist Development program (research, classes, workshops,)
  • DANCEHOUSE INTERNATIONAL program – tailored opportunities for artist to present, create or work overseas in partnership with our like-minded international partners
  • Developing meaningful tools for connecting the art form to wider audiences - Dancehouse Diary and our public program

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