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Dancehouse General Appeal

Dancehouse Inc.


Dancehouse is proud to be a place of exploration, inspiration and connection. Dancehouse is a place for exceptional art and for relentless exploration. It is a place where artists and audiences intersect, connect and grow. It is a site where thought is nurtured, borders are pushed and new territory is challenged. But most of all, Dancehouse is a place to connect the mind with the moving body through rigorous programming, artist development opportunities, research and ambitious local and international partnerships. We are a unique organisation, inspired and driven by the artists, fiercely committed to the belief that art in general and dance in particular are an irreplaceable force in contemporary society and one of the few remaining ways to inspire creative living and thinking.

As a socially engaged organisation with the potential to continue developing more enriching and investigative programs, Dancehouse stands up for the belief that art and its transformative power can make a real difference for an individual, a community and a society. In this house, we are proud to continue working every day as an art innovator, a hub of knowledge, and as a catalyst for inspiration for everyone. With this in mind, remember that Dancehouse is your house. All that goes on within our walls happens with you, for you, but not without your support. You have a special place here and we welcome you to return as often as you to see how your enthusiasm shapes this house into a home. We hope to share this place and its happenings with you for many years to come.

"Participating in the arts gives our lives richness and meaning and undoubtedly plays a critical role in community development and wellbeing. As a not-for-profit organisation, Dancehouse is committed to keeping dance accessible to everyone. With the help of our supporters, Dancehouse fosters this life-enhancing connection as Australians of all ages and backgrounds meet here to be moved and delighted by dance.

We thank you for your generous support."

James Ostroburski, Chair of Dancehouse

How will the funds be used?

Your donations will nurture the excellence in the dance making, will help produce and tour outstanding works nationally and internationally, will support the high quality resources and tools we are conceiving for them, and will ensure audiences engage meaningfully with inspiration works of moving art that act as transformative experiences for individuals and communities.

Join us in realising our vision for independent dancers and dance in Australia.

Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Commissioning, producing and presenting remarkable Australian choreographic works
  • Professional development via our Training program (research, classes, workshops,)
  • Artists' mobility - national and international tours, overseas residencies
  • Engaging national and international seminal dance makers to work with local practitioners
  • Developing meaningful tools for connecting the art form to wider audiences - Dancehouse Diary, discussions, forum, community outreach programs.


The Enthusiast ($100+)
You are enthusiastic about what we are doing here at Dancehouse. We appreciate your support and we are as enthusiastic as you are to grow our connection with you.

The Explorer ($500+)
We want to share our ambition and passion with you and invite you backstage to explore together how dance is made, how artists create and how Dancehouse supports our community and delivers its mission.

The Shaker ($1000+)
We would love to involve you in supporting projects that will make a difference and it all starts here. Be a Shaker today and help see an artist's dreams come true tomorrow.

The Mover ($2500+)
As a Mover you appreciate who we are, where we have been and where we are headed. You believe in our ambitious future, want to help us shape it by creating opportunities for dancers and artists, build exciting creative partnerships and assist Dancehouse to move in exciting new territory.

The Ambassador's Circle ($5000+)
To you, Dancehouse, its purpose and values mean more to you than a performance space. It is a place of passion, ambition, freedom, inspiration, education, excellence, innovation and community. Your contribution may go to commissioning new works, international tours, and prestigious programs like Dance Massive or Dance Territories. You will be acknowledged as an advocate of independent dance and your name associated with cutting-edge programs and projects.

Are donations tax deductible? Yes

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

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