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"Dancehouse is a home of independent movers … it's got their back … it's under their feet … and carries them forward.It is radar, signal, transmitter and receiver. It is a homeland for the independent, the bold, the brave, the rare, the fragile."

- Hellen Sky, co-founder of Dancehouse

We know from our experience of COVID and the long emergency of climate change, that we all benefit from stronger relationships, and networks closer to home. 

Dancehouse is directing donations to On Residence. On Residence, establishes paid residences to dance artists across Victoria and New South Wales. We hope that with your support we can increase the number, range and length of these paid residencies for artists. Every financial contribution helps with On Residence and goes directly to artists wages, access fees and travel.

With your donation, Dancehouse will support artists to develop works and projects at any stage, establish relationships and connections with Dancehouse, communities, practices, and partners. 

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Dance House Inc. 150 Princes Street

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.