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Shelter Appeal

$56,725 raised of $250,000 goal
$56,725 raised of $250,000 goal

DCH is raising funds to construct a shelter facility for our rescue animals. We are aiming to build a kennel and cattery facility within the greater Sydney area. DCH has over 90 volunteers and over 140 animals in care at any one time. DCH has rescued more than 5000 animals working solely with our volunteer foster carers. Due to our size it has now become essential to provide a higher level of care to our carers than is currently possible with our current situation.

With a shelter facility we can not only rescue more animals from "death row" in council pounds but we can ensure strict quarantine facilities to safe guard our foster carers own pets and yards. We can provide a greater level of temperament testing for our foster carers and new owners alike and ensure all our foster animals have a safe place to go if they are ever returned or a carer can no longer look after them. We hope that by building a new shelter we can have a greater impact on the number of healthy good natured animals that are currently being put to sleep in pounds each year.

Project Objectives:


  • To increase the number of rescue animals being saved by DCH
  • To reduce the incidents of health and temperament related problems currently faced by volunteers who care for animals in their homes
  • To better support our volunteer foster carers and improve upon this service
  • To provide a central location when volunteers unable to foster care can provide help
  • To provide a central location for delivery, storage and administration purposes





Key Areas of Expenditure

All funds raised will go directly into the purchase of suitable property and construction of shelter facilities to house our ever growing number of rescue animals.

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