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Denise rescues dogs and puppies from Death Row in NSW Pounds, she also take dogs from backyard breeders who no longer have any use for their breeding dogs, puppy farmers who have finished using their breeding stock, and also private surrenders from people who are no longer able to care for their dog. Unless taken in by groups like ours for rehoming a lot of these dogs would have no future. We are of the opinion that dogs from all of sorts of situations need our help, and we don't discriminate, we will help any dog that we possibly can. We have all of the dogs desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and given flea, intestinal worm and heartworm prevention before placing them in foster care. All of our dogs go into care in private homes and are treated as a member of the family by our dedicated foster carer team. Our foster carers provide a high level of care to all of our rescued dogs and puppies until such time as they find permanent and loving homes and become the responsibility of their new owner. We are a not for profit dog rescue organization with tax deductibility for all donations $2 and over.

We are run solely by volunteers who give their time freely to help homeless dogs in need.
Denise has been rescuing dogs for over 20 years.
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Quite often the dogs we rescue require extra operations performed. These can include surgery for displaced hips/legs, broken legs, cruciate ligament surgery, luxating patella surgery, eye problems including cataract surgery, mammary tumors, heart surgery and liver shunt surgery. We occasionally have dogs who come to us with heartworm, once treated we retest the dog and rehome it when it is heartworm negative. As well blood work, ct scans, mri's, x-rays and utrasounds are often performed by our vet or a veterinary specialist to diagnose medical conditions that the dogs present with. Lumps and bumps are removed and investigated, and all skin conditions are treated. We will take any dog who needs our help and provide all of the veterinary requirements needed by that dog to get it back to good health.

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Key Areas of Expenditure

Additional veterinary surgeries or procedures, and medications (not covered by adoption fee)
Flea, worm and heartworm treatments.

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