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Listening Ear Incorporated

Listening Ear Inc /Dial A Mum Inc. Telephone Helpline


Listening Ear former Dial A Mum Inc. provides a telephone helpline which utilises the skills of purpose trained volunteer mothers from all walks of life, to help reduce the isolation and suffering in our stressed society.

We are in a preventative role and by providing the community with a readily accessible listener, may help to find resolution to many life problems, which in time, could otherwise require professional intervention. We are there to assist and hopefully help to prevent issues from escalating.

With ongoing mentoring and training for our volunteers we are helping to empower these women who often go on to further study and many taking up careers in  education, psychology and counselling.

For 35 years we have operated and provided ongoing training for our Mums with funds raised by our fundraising efforts and through kind donations. We do not receive any Government funding.

We need more funding to expand our service as the needs in the community increase. We take over 700 calls per month

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.