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Diamond Women's Support (formerly Diamond Pregnancy Support) was born out of a desire to see women and their families faced with an unplanned pregnancy receive the support and information they required to make positive choices surrounding their unplanned pregnancy.

Supporting the woman regardless of her choice and presenting adoption and parenting as positive and viable alternatives drove us to form 'Diamond'.

Who we are:

DWS is an organisation run by a team of dedicated volunteers and staff to ensure that women and their families facing an unplanned pregnancy can receive generous support, compassionate care and practical help in safe environment.

What we do:

We are committed creating an environment of hope and offering practical support whilst women explore their options for their unplanned (crisis) pregnancy. We provide 12+ months of free support, referrals, advocacy, assistance, counselling and training as they navigate their journey. We also provide a number of other services based on the client needs.

We are passionate about making the alternatives to termination viable and supported and in doing so creating a culture where pregnancy centres, are the first option when faced with a crisis pregnancy.

Diamond THREE centres - Bella Vista NSW, Sydney CBD NSW and Gosford NSW as well as a hub in Penrith, Macquarie Fields and Parramatta

How you can help:

Your financial contribution towards the work of Diamond Women's Support not only directly impacts the life of a woman and and her unborn, but also indirectly affects her family, community and future generations.

This is a great opportunity to not only help a woman, but partner with us to help her get skilled in parenting and supported along the motherhood journey.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.