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The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it many changes to the way SCARF operated and how communities connected. The requirement to put into place physical distancing measures meant that, very quickly, there was an emphasis placed on communicating, learning and connecting online.

In 2020 we saw a need in the community for devices to help stay connected so we launched the SCARF Digital Device Drive. Last year the SCARF Digital Device Drive saw over 30 families receive laptops and tablets within the first two months of the pandemic. Volunteers refreshed and refurbished devices to ensure they are in tip-top shape before they are distributed, and have been delivering the devices to families in need.

The most recent lockdown restrictions have placed renewed pressure on families to learn remotely with some families still in need of devices to assist with their learning.

This year we have already distributed over 20 devices and we are raising funds to buy more devices to distributes to families in need. We still have at least 20 families on the waiting list. $100 can buy one refurbished tablet for someone in need so we are aiming to raise $3000 by 15 September 2021. 


Help MCCI LTD - SCARF Refugee Support to reach their goal of $3,000

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