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Cinespace Inc. supports the Australian screen industry by being representative of the broader national community. We work to create greater cultural diversity on screen and behind the scenes, supporting and celebrating a new generation of under-represented and minority screen storytellers.

Since our inception in 2016 have discovered, supported and celebrated 400 new diverse storytellers across a range of programs, both at a community and an emerging professional level. We have in turn attracted the support and program facilitation of some of Australia’s leading screen creators and production companies such as FremantleMedia and Matchbox Pictures. To get a sense of our achievements in 2019, you can download our annual report at

Cinespace is volunteer-led with a passionate committee of experienced filmmakers. We currently have an organisational residency at Footscray Community Arts Centre and are working on a strong program of pracitioner development in 2020, even with the challenges facing us becuase of the Coronavirus. We are providing support on more of an individual and remote basis for the time being, and supporting small crew projects and writers developing scripts.

This Core Funding Campaign is seeking to raise the $5,000 that it costs our non profit organisation to stay open each year. It covers things like registration fees, insurance, recurrent costs like subscriptions, incidentals, business development meetings, web site fees and equipment repairs (we loan equipment to support productions). While we work to build a more diversified funding model in the future to support these costs, for now you can be sure your contribution will be of critical help in keeping our organisation running. We want to get to know our supporters as well, so if you can make a contribution or even if you're thinking about it, we'd encourage you to drop by our office at Footscray Community Arts Centre between Tuesday and Thursday to get to know us a little better.

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