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Donate A Dollar A Week Inc.

DDW - support a new cause every month!


What is the Donate a Dollar a Week (DDW)?

Donate A Dollar A Week is primarily a "Giving Circle"!

DDW is a registered micro charity which collects small regular donations from people (typically $1.00 per week, or $5.00 per calendar month – or a little more if you can) and distributes the collected funds to an identified cause(s) each month. All donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.

DDW Inc. supports other selected charities that are typically small to medium size, which are not resourced to conduct large media/marketing campaigns and have limited support.

The supported charities are typically those that focus on alleviating human hardship ie; poverty, hunger, homelessness, women & children’s issues, access to education and similar. Simply helping those in need.

DDW operates on a volunteer basis. It raises funds to cover its essential operating costs through generous sponsors and specified fund-raising activities (e.g. raffles/events).

Origin and History

As a result of the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in the Pacific – especially the Philippines - in November 2013, DA$AW’s founder imagined the possibility of really helping those facing hardship and suffering, if he could just recruit 1,000 people to donate a minimum of just one dollar per week on a regular basis. With $1,000 per week, many causes and charities could be helped.

DDW was Initially established as an unincorporated charity and has been donating modest amounts to different charities every month since December 2015.

Realising that future expansion of DDW would require more formality and legal structure, our founder forged the creation of DDW, which created the incorporated entity in September 2017. Formal recognition as a charity with tax deductibility status via The Donate-A-$-A-Week Trust Foundation, followed shortly thereafter.

A Board of Directors was established and since then, DDW’s work has continued, while concurrently focusing on setting up all the requirements of the new entity status.

Charities supported

While each charity is published on DDW’s website ( and in the monthly newsletter, a quick summary is as follows:-

• 40+ different charities over 48 months
• Charities based in most Australian states and territories and also some in African and Asian countries
• Causes have included child protection and education, asylum seeker support, poverty and homelessness support and medical research,
• A few example charities we have given to include: Wheelchairs for Kids, Rett Syndrome Australia, Cambodian Children’s Trust, Orange Sky Laundry, The Gomo Foundation (Zimbabwe), Westmead Medical Research (Motor Neurone disease research), Moira Kelly’s - Creating Hope Foundation, and more.

Why support DDW Inc.?

If you are inclined to financially support worthy causes then DDW is worth your consideration.

• You only need to donate a minimum $1 per week (more if you can and want, of course) or $5.00 per month, so the financial outlay is not onerous to most of us in this wealthy country.

• Like many, you probably want to help lots of causes but don’t have the time or where with all to investigate and support them. By donating to DDW, you can take comfort that you are donating to a wide range of worthy causes.

• Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. (that’s why it’s better to donate, say, $5.00 per calendar month). More if you can! Every $ helps those in need.

• You can be assured that your donations do not contribute to salary costs or marketing campaigns. Absolutely 100% of all donations (other than sponsors contributions) go directly to selected charities.

• It just feels good to know you are helping others, and via DA$AW Inc. you are supporting many different needs, causes and circumstances.

How to become a DDW donor?

It takes just a few easy steps to become a donor.

Decide how much you want to donate each week/fortnight or month and set up a recurring payment on this GiveNow cause page (by credit card or direct debit), or by direct debit from your bank account, to the following:-

Donate a Dollar a Week Trust Account No. 1
Bank: Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633-000
A/c No. 161 771 456

Send a brief email to giving us the following detail.
• Full name (for tax receipt)
• Planned giving amount and frequency (e.g. $5.00 per calendar month)
• Proposed start date.

If you should like to become a sponsor as distinct from a donor, then please contact us by email at

Please visit our website at

Thank you for your support.



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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.