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Drive Change (by the Cannabis Law Reform Alliance)


Help create drug driving law reform that’s fair, equal, and improves public health.

Donate to an Australia wide campaign that will improve public health outcomes, put an end to discriminatory laws and help medical cannabis patients live more fulfilling lives.

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Medical cannabis in Australia

There are about 31,000 legal medical cannabis patients in Australia. About 70% of medical cannabis patients have some THC in their medication and therefore cannot legally drive.

Medical cannabis is fat soluble and can stay in your system, or be found in your mouth, for up to 7 days.

The Law 

Currently, in all states and territories in Australia, it's illegal to drive with any THC present in your system. This is typically determined by a roadside mouth swab done by police.

The Problem:

If you take cannabis* medicine as prescribed you cannot legally drive. This is legally prescribed cannabis medicine that contains even trace amounts of THC.

There is no other prescribed medication where, when testing positive for presence, not impairment, you can lose your license.

And, current drug driving laws fail to improve road safety, discriminate against medical cannabis patients and impede public health outcomes.

The proposed solution

Equal rights for legal medical cannabis patients. All medical cannabis patients who are not impaired, have not been found to be driving recklessly and hold a legal script for medical cannabis should have a legal defence for the presence of THC.

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