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Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service

Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service Gift Fund

The Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service Inc (CRDVS) began its life back in 1987 when it grew from a local, grass roots group called the Domestic Violence Action Group (DVAG). This group was made up of passionate people who volunteered their time to look at the issue of domestic violence in the Cairns area. The Service went on to become incorporated in September 2000 and consists of a volunteer management committee and eight staff members.

The vision of CRDVS is to help our community live happier and healthier lives by challenging the social structures that maintain domestic and family violence and by providing a comprehensive and client centred quality service to all vulnerable clients.

In 2009, the CRDVS provided crisis support and on-going counselling to 1,764 people affected by domestic and family violence and our child counsellor provided counselling and support to 87 children.

The demand for services from people affected by domestic violence continues to increase and the need to raise additional revenue to meet those demands is paramount. The CRDVS is collecting funds to help adults and their children escaping domestic violence with financial and material assistance.

How will the funds be used?


The Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service Gift Fund is a practical response assisting adults and their children dealing with their immediate crisis situation to maintain the dignity of the individual and encourage self reliance.

The funds will be used to offer emergency financial assistance to those with limited or no income. Assistance can include (but is not limited to) food vouchers, cost of public transport, healthcare costs including prescriptions, clothing and household goods, repairing damage to property or upgrading property security, and payment of animal kenneling for those requiring entry to a domestic violence refuge or alternative safe accommodation that cannot take family pets.






Key Areas of Expenditure

$12 donations will provide one night's kenneling for a cat at the RSPCA
$15 donations will provide one night's kenneling for a dog at the RSPCA
$25 donations allow a person to pay for their medical prescription
  • $50 donations provide a food voucher

Contact Details

PO Box 12103

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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